AAA Vision Partners

The top three reasons why you want to work with us:

  • We are able to see the difference between the best and the good; we offer you the best

  • We are very quick and responsive, twelve hours per day, six days per week

  • You don’t have to pay a commission for just finding candidates; we pay roll them so our interest is much more alligned with your long term interests

And also….

  • Ourpassionis finding the uncut diamond, providing the winner to you at a reasonable daily rate. No obligations, no long termcommitments.
  • We are a fact checking, reference calling company. We know our candidates better than they know themselves :-)
  • We specialize: contractors only.
  • Our contractors stick with you until the job is finished. So we do much more than just recruitment. We place the contractor on our pay roll if needed, and takecare of the invoicing, so we have a vested interest in bringing on board people that stick with us and with your project.

AAA Vision Partners brings the power of an extensive candidate network combined with in-depth market and industry knowledge. This enables us to attract high caliber senior project managers to strengthen your UAE, Oman or KSA team. We guarantee a thorough, highly efficient recruitment process for both our clients and candidates. And we will provide these people to your organisation on a daily rate. So we do much more than the standard recruiting agency, taking away all HR hassle:

  1. No visa cost
  2. No annual air ticket
  3. No leave salary / end of service payment
  4. No sickness pay
  5. No selection time & costs

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