The'Best of the West'

Why 'Best of the West’ project managers and VAT experts?

A succesful projectmanager and a VAT expert are both first and foremost good communicators. These are not‘leaders’ who make their point after which everybody in your organisation is supposed to follow, these are good listeners. And these are people who understand there is not just one way of doing it, there are several ways of doing VAT and every organisation requires a different response.

What makes Dutch and German people good at this?

The answer is 'polderen’, Dutch for compromising, communicating and working together as a focal point in decision making. It is a typical quality of Dutch, German, Swiss and other professionals from northwestern Europe; not insisting on being right, but focussing on workable solutions. Working this way ensures an approach that the whole organization supports and knows about. We assure you that when one of our Interim Managers tells you a job is done, it’s up-and-running, tested, backed-up and supported by everyone involved. That’s why we recruit the ‚Best of the West’ to strengthen your management team. The fact that on the Times Higher Education in 2016 in the top 150 there where 10 (!) Dutch Universities listed helps too.

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