CustomerCare & Billing

If customers stop paying your bills today, how long is your company going to last? It is an unpleasant question, worth asking regularly. On average 25% of all the questions customers have, are related to their bill. And Billing is an IT process where the quality of the data is extremely important.

With the introduction of the VAT in the UAE, you can‘bank on it’ getting questions from your customers about the VAT. Yes, you can point them to general government sites, but sometimes their questions really touch on the specifics of your product or service. Is your customer care department ready?

For AAA Vision Partners, customer care still starts with picking up the phone if a customer calls. A vast majority of the customers still prefer the phone as primary tool of contact, and we are not going to debate our customers. We have done serious research, investigating the correlation between ACT and the quality of a conversation. Of course, the last five years have seen an explosion of ‚touch points’ for your customer (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and we are able to help you to bring business logic in all these options. All these options will be used by your customers if they seek clarification on how to handle the VAT.

Then there is your omnichannel challenge. A real issue for the upcoming years with its miriad of communinication channels. Here you will find our vision on how to tackle that omni-channel challenge.

VAT is in theory an easy concept but in practice it’s a difficult one. How to go about withCredit Managementand what to do with the VAT over non-paid bills, to name just one question...

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