Recruitment process of VAT experts and project mangers

Your time is valuable. We realize that. Therefore we are not going to ask you tons of questions about the vacancies, the position, the growth perspective etc. etc. You contact us, give us the key words, and we’ll start searching. By principle, we do not employ project managers but we work with contractors. Therefore our hands are free to select the best available option for you, in the time frame you are giving us. And remember, we do contractors only, so we earn our fee month by month. So our mutual interests are wellaligned.

Search and selection
We take care of the entire recruitment and, if needed, the visa process. For each VAT project we will create a unique job description. Because we are experienced, this is not going to take much of your time. We will source suitable candidates and conduct in-depth reference checking and do face to face interviews with each candidate that qualifies. After that we will present our top candidate to you. That’s right, just one candidate.Decision sciences teach us that this is the best approach. We stick to science.

We do not maintain a database with candidates. Ourcandidates rarely are more than two months without an assignment, since they are really good. We start running at the moment you fire the starter pistol.

Or... would you rather do all this yourself?

fill out this formand we might start running for you really soon!

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