We can help if it is about VAT implementation

We can bring to you experts and project managers from the Netherlands, a country that implemented the VAT in 1934. The have experience and are hand picked by us and will make sure that the VAT implementation:

  1. in your organisation is well prepared for
  2. will go smooth as of the first of January 2018
  3. will not costs you any fines
  4. will not pose issues for your cash flow or treasury department
  5. will be compliant with international laws
  6. runs smooth on your invoices
  7. will not cause any unforeseen issues in your IT systems

Apart from that:

  • they will make sure that everybody is trained well in advance, and that all documentation is tested, well written and understood by the employees that have to work with that documentation.
  • they will engage in one on one personal coaching of the CFO.

You have 18 weeksleft before the implementation goes live. So no time to waste. Contact us at VATPartners@visionpartners.ae

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