Detachment in the UAE

Detachment in the UAE by a company from your home country

If you are going to be detached by a company in your home country, you may assume they take care of everything so you can work legally in Dubai or another Emirate. Make sure your employer continues to pay social contributions and informs the authorities that your detachment is temporary. This ensures your entitlement to all social security benefits in your home country.

If you have children, getting them on a good international school is probably your only priority. There are plenty of schools, but not all of them have a place immediately and waiting lists are long. We recommend to sign up at more than one school as soon as you know you will be detached. This way you will lose some money (fees vary between € 150,- and € 500,-), but it increases chances of a rapid placement for your children.

In our experience it is especially hard to get children born between 2000 and 2004 into a good international school. For children born before and after those years it seems to be a lot easier.

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